You Are Singled Out
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Moving women from chaos to CONFIDENCE!

Join host Kimberly “Brownie” Vaughn as she energetically gives action packed steps to shift your “HERspective.” Learn how to express yourself with clarity. Level up and seize opportunities to achieve your dreams. And engage in relationships that meet your core standards and desires.

Get ready for: countdowns, mic drop moments, and piping hot “Brownie Points!”
As an award-winning CEO, speaker, and bestselling author Brownie has helped women from around the world succeed in personal development and dating men. One taste of Brownie (no nuts) and you’ll see why you are singled out.

Never blend. Always shine…with confidence!

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    EP 07 - DATING: Don't Trip, You Were Made to S.I.P.

    If you’ve EVER experienced feeling empty or unfulfilled in a relationship, find out why here. Check out this episode!


    • 3 key areas of compatibility you need so you won’t be misled or waste time

    • Battles to skip over if you want marriage and kids one day

    • Ways to tell if you share physical attraction

    • Why a woman feels shortchanged by church – due to not being taught about dating men and knowing if a relationship is worth pursuing

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    EP 06 - PART 2: SEX - 8 Gates A Single Woman Should Always Guard & The Reasons Why

    Warning: This contains material for adult/mature audiences only!

    This Part 2 episode breaks down:

    Get ready!!! In this episode you’ll find out about: Sexual samples and Sam’s Club How a woman mixed up her sexual tendencies with two guys & had to overcome the temptation to commit suicide
    Aftermath: the residue that’s left within the fibers of a woman’s body The jaw dropping discoveries I learned about anal sex

    CLICK play** to tune in right now!

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    EP 05 - PART 1: SEX - 8 Gates A Single Woman Should Always Guard & The Reasons Why

    Warning: This contains material for adult/mature audiences only!

    This episode breaks down:

    • My hot experience with a sexy guy in Miami • Ways porn impacts you before dating and during a relationship • Why women get weak around male pheromones • Getting drunk off of intoxicating words • Oral sex and the belief that it’s the “safest sex”

    This is only Part 1 but it's packed with insight and takeaways for women who want emotional, physical, and mental wholeness. And for women who desire a healthy relationship with Mr. Right.

    Click play and tune in right now!

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    EP 03 - Top 3 Lies to Stop Believing So You Can Ditch Self-Sabotage

    Let’s be honest. You want to be a lot further in life than where you are now. But girl, what’s really holding you back? What’s holding your dreams up, like a butterfly locked inside of a cocoon? I’ll tell you. Lies. Lies are robbing you every day from having that “Go Get it Girl Focus™” and enjoying the successful life you long for. Tune into this episode for a life-changing wake up and the inspiration to ditch self-sabotage!

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    EP 02 - 3 Standards You Need When You're Done with the Jokers & Ready for a King

    LADIES! Let’s flip the switch. Have you been so focused on the “WE” that you been ignoring the “ME”?

    Takeaways in this episode: • How a queen shows up before a relationship • Ways to tell if he’s a joker • Why it’s dangerous waiting for him to BOUNCE back • Sexual reward points • Healing and winning after your heart’s been broken

    Filled with Brownie Points and a FREE resource!

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    EP 01 – Get Ready! Intro to Y.A.S.O. podcast

    In this episode, I share a motivating way to view your failures, and breakdown mistakes I’ve made in business, dating, dreams, and life. Plus hear ways the YA.S.O. podcast will empower and transform your life like never before!

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